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Corporate Culture

Shandong Youyi is the same in appearance and in deed, which stems from strength

Mission: make labor easier

Vision: "innovative Chinese dream" to build an international brand

Enterprise philosophy: create characteristics, quality first, serve the market, serve customers, and satisfy customers

Enterprise spirit: faith, science, innovation and dedication

R & D concept: system innovation and efficiency first

Quality concept: continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence

Marketing concept: lean marketing and value sharing

Management philosophy: Based on service and sensitive to execution

Service concept: always put customers first and create customer value

Service positioning: to achieve high-quality service as the purpose, with high quality, high efficiency, all-round, the whole process as the operation concept; Professional technology, considerate service and safe use

Service strategy: customer-centric, rapid, accurate and professional services to ensure efficient operation of equipment and create maximum value for users.

Talent concept: make the best use of talents, make the best use of talents, retain people in career, feelings and treatment

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