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Development History

In 1998,

the predecessor of the company was the Huanyu Mould Research Institute in the Central District of Jining City, which was established in 1998. Mainly engaged in mold research and development and manufacturing, machinery supporting and pharmaceutical equipment supporting processing business.

In 2012,

Moved to a new office in 2012. Shandong Youyi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. and Jining Road Machinery Co., Ltd. were established. Enter the field of R & D and manufacturing of asphalt curing vehicles, joint grouting machines and small pavement equipment. In the same year, the first maintenance vehicle in China was sold.

In 2013,

many varieties of asphalt hot recycling repair vehicles were launched. The product of caulking machine is launched. The design of small supporting equipment for pavement is completed and outsourced.

It was awarded as a high-tech industrial enterprise in Shandong Province. Maintenance vehicles are exported to Africa for the first time.

In 2015,

the business strategy was adjusted to focus on the development of equipment groups related to road maintenance vehicles. Product positioning is oriented to meet the actual construction needs of customers. Joint school enterprise research and development and product technology upgrading. Upgrade the on-board double mixing and on-board three mixing series of road surface comprehensive maintenance vehicles.

In 2019,

it obtained the qualification of special vehicle refitting from the Ministry of industry and information technology. Cooperate with the Tibet detachment of the Chinese armed police in the research and development of plateau type road maintenance vehicles and caulking machines to achieve mass delivery of vehicles to serve Tibet. Jointly develop high-speed sweeper with Shandong Expressway.

In 2022,

Upgrade the wireless intelligent remote control comprehensive maintenance vehicle in 2022. Jointly develop Expressway intelligent maintenance vehicles with China Communications Group maintenance company. Reach strategic cooperation with CRRC to develop the industrial line of new energy and environmental sanitation equipment.

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