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Product Assurance

一、Service Commitment

1. One-year warranty for the whole vehicle structure, 6 months warranty for the electrical part, and national warranty for the chassis part.

2. The company's 400 service hotline, 24 hours to answer customer calls, to ensure the timeliness of handling equipment failures.

3.2 hours to give the plan, 8 hours to leave.

4. For non-human reasons, free replacement during the warranty period, free of service fee and maintenance fee.

5. Lifelong maintenance service for equipment.

二、Service Assurance

1. The company's service engineers have more than five years of experience in the manufacture and repair of maintenance vehicles to ensure that the one-time repair of product failures is completed.

2. Special personnel return to the customer's usage every month to deal with the problems encountered by customers in the process of use in a timely manner.

3. At least once every three months to carry out on-site tracking services, timely provide customers with equipment daily maintenance related suggestions.

4. The company has all kinds of accessories and wearing parts of the product to ensure the needs of users.

三、Training support

1. Free on-site installation and commissioning, technical guidance and operation training for purchasing customers.

2. The company regularly opens product technology training courses for customers, comprehensively explains and operates the products, and solves difficult problems in the construction process.

3. Customers have technical questions in the process of use, the company's 400 telephone can provide any technical support in a timely manner.

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